Automatic L type shrink wrapping machine

Automatic L type shrink wrapping machine

Automatic L type shrink wrapping machine
Product name : Automatic L type shrink wrapping machine
Item : DQL5545B+BS-D4520
Details :
DQL5545 automatic L-type sealing and cutting machine technical features:
1. The sealing and cutting knife is sprayed with special alloy material to spray Teflon. The sealing and cutting are
not mucous membranes, the sealing is firm, the sealing and cutting do not smoke, no pollution. The sealing frame
is made of high-quality alloy steel, the sealing quality is stable, and the frame is not easily deformed.
2, the whole machine complete set of automation system, equipped with photoelectric detection, can achieve
high-speed, unmanned automatic operation.
3, product conversion specifications are easy to adjust, you can easily complete with the adjustment of the hand
wheel, the operation is easy and simple.
4, can be directly connected to the production line.
5, with a protective function to prevent mis-cutting the package and protect the operator.
BS-D4520 shrinking machine technical features:
1. Schneider AC contactor is combined with high-power solid-state voltage regulation with intelligent temperature
control to make the system temperature more accurate and prolong the service life.
2. It adopts solid roller conveyor belt and roller jacket with high temperature resistant silicone tube. Can withstand
large weight objects and is not easy to wear. (optional mesh conveyor belt)
3, high-power wind motor, to ensure that the wind is strong enough to make the package to achieve the perfect
packaging effect.
4, the use of stainless steel liner, temperature heat transfer, heat evenly, low energy consumption, long service life.
Third, the scope of use:
Software, food, cosmetics, printed matter, pharmaceutical, beverage, hardware and plastics industries, such as
POF, PE, PVC and other shrink packaging materials.

Technical parameter:




Maximum package size

H≦100 L+2H≦550 W+2H≦450 mm


W450×H200 mm

Applicable film size






Work efficiency

0-25 包/分钟

0-15 m/min

power supply

220V 50/60HZ

380V 50HZ/60HZ

working pressure

5(Kg/cm2) )


Table height



Machine net weight



Machine size

L1760×W900×H1570 mm

L sealing machine
L1600×W730×H1400 mm

Shrink tunnel L1200×W450×H200 mm

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