L type Sealer Visible Shrink wrapping machine

L type Sealer Visible Shrink wrapping machine

L type Sealer Visible Shrink wrapping machine
Product name : L type Sealer Visible Shrink wrapping machine
Item : DK-400LA+DK-5030LG
Details :
Function and Features:

1.DK-400LAC is a fully automatic unmanned operation "L" type sealing machine which is widely used in mass production packaging line with high efficiency. Automatic film feeding punching device, manually adjustable film-guide system and feeding conveyor platform make the machine suitable for different width and height items.

2.Sealing knife uses the aluminum knife with DuPont Teflon which is anti-stick coating & anti-high temperature. So the sealing will not have cracking, coking and smoking with zero pollution;

3.Equipped with imported photoelectric of horizontal and vertical detection for choice to easily finish the sealing of thin and small items;

4.Automatically-feeding: the length can be auto adjusted by the sensor and time relay. Matched the reduction motor makes the waste film automatically rolling;

5.When the packaging size changes, the adjustment is very simple by rotating the hand wheel without changing molds and bag makers;

6.Different size products can also be packaged combinations to achieve the promotional effect;

7.Using original Autonics digital temperature controller which built-in PID function. Sealing blade temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate and we can be arbitrarily set. Do not worry about hurting the product for imprecise temperature. The sealing blade itself is also equipped with automatic protection function which effectively prevent from accidental cutting;

8.The machine is equipped with organic glass shield with automatic alarm function which greatly improves safety;

9.The entire machine realizes unmanned operation with the production line connecting;

10.Film up-down synchronization mechanism specially designed to correct the deviation film;

11.I can be added easily tear functions according to customer requirements;

12.Applies to software, food, cosmetics, printing, pharmaceutical, flooring, ceramic, beverages, hardware and other industries’ large quantities of shrink wrap.

13.DK-5030LG adopts advance blowing from the bottom of the tunnel, full use of heat to arise energy efficiency. Frequency inverter controls blowing, adjustable blowing direction and volume from bottom.

14.Visible window shows shrink process in tunnel, the top of tunnel can be opened for easy clear and maintenance;

15.Optional belts feeding or fingers pushing conveyor for meeting products or customer’s requests;

16.Adjustable conveyor speed which controls equal distance among products make sure seal consistent sealing;

17.Applicable for mass packaging like CD, photo frame, books, magazine, electronic products etc.

Technical Parameter:


DK-400LAC Sealer

DK-5030LG Shrink tunnel




Power   Supply

AC 220V 1PH 50Hz

AC 380V 3PH 50Hz 

Max. Packing Size L×W×H

L+H≤530mm W+H≤430mm H≤150mm


Max. Sealing Size L×W×H



Packing Speed



External Air Source



Shrink Film



Machine Size L×W×H



Packaging Size L×W×H



G./N. Weight



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